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Running on Empty – The Book

“Jonice Webb has written a terrific book about what you didn’t get in childhood. What wasn’t there that should have been: guidance, attunement; in some cases, love. The damage caused by Emotional Neglect and what to do to heal it are the subjects of this exciting, readable, and potentially life-changing work.”

–Terrence Real, Internationally Known Bestselling Author of I Don’t Want to Talk About It and regular contributor on Good Morning America and ABC News

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Dr. Jonice Webb has been interviewed on NPR and over thirty radio shows across the United States and Canada about the topic of her book, Emotional Neglect, and has been quoted as a psychologist expert in the Chicago Tribune. She writes regularly for PsychCentral.com and is the Mental Health Editor for BellaOnline.com, the second largest women’s website in the world.

Dr. Webb has been a licensed psychologist since 1991, and has worked in a variety of different settings over the course of her career, including a psychiatric emergency service and substance abuse programs.  She has been the Director of several large outpatient clinics.  For the past eight years, she has been enjoying running her private practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, specializing in the treatment of couples and families.

Over two decades of practicing psychology, Dr. Webb gradually started to see a factor from childhood which weighs upon people as adults.  This factor is extremely subtle.  In fact, it’s so difficult to see that it goes virtually unnoticed while it quietly saps a person’s joy in life, causing him or her to struggle with self-discipline, or to feel disconnected and unfulfilled.  Dr. Webb gave a name to this invisible factor from childhood.  She calls it Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).™

As I became aware of the power and pervasiveness of Emotional Neglect, I felt compelled to draw awareness to it.  My goal is to bring this unseen force from childhood out of the darkness and into the light.  To make people aware of it and it’s effects upon them.  To give them the words to talk about it and the tools to fix it.

Dr. Webb’s book, Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect, was released on October 1, 2012. To learn more, see THE BOOK page.

Share your comments and questions about CEN with Dr. Webb and readers by posting an anonymous comment HERE.

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hildhood Emotional Neglect: A parent’s failure to respond enough to a child’s emotional needs.

As a mental health professional, how often have you heard the term Childhood Emotional Neglect used on its own; that is, not followed by the words “and abuse.”  I scoured the databases of the APA, and used google and other search methods. I talked with colleagues, and looked through every self-help book that looked promising. Virtually every time the term “emotional neglect” is used, it is either mixed with, or used as a misnomer for, some type of physical neglect or some type of emotional abuse. This was the final factor which drove me to write a book about it. This is the driving force which has had me speaking and writing about Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) for the past three years.

During twenty years of practicing psychology, I gradually became aware that CEN, a tremendously powerful childhood factor, is being overlooked. Why? Because CEN hides. It dwells in the sins of parental omission, rather than commission. It’s the white space in the clinical picture, rather than the picture itself. It’s what was not said or observed or remembered from our patients’ childhoods, rather than what was.

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Readers’ Comments About Running on Empty

Here is a sampling of the comments I have received from readers of Running on Empty. To add a comment about the book, type it into the Comments below. To remain anonymous, type a pseudonym into the NAME field.

I heard an interview on NPR today with the author, and it was like someone lifted the blinders off my understanding of myself. I just got off the phone with my wife. I love her very much, but, I always joke around with her and tell her I want a divorce. This is a joke, but now I know where comments like this come from. I have major CEN and my parents died, yes I was there for the burials, but I never felt a sense of loss or anything. Now for the first time I know why. My parents DID NOT KNOW ME, AND I DID NOT KNOW THEM. It’s a miracle I turned out semi OK.

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Self-pay fee for in-office therapy or CEN consult: 50-minute session is $180.00 per visit.

CEN Consult with Mental Health Professional, in-office, phone or Skype: $180.00 per 50-minute consult.

Credit cards are accepted.

If you have a PPO type of health insurance, or if you have insurance with an out-of-network benefit, you can be reimbursed for your sessions. Dr. Webb will be happy to provide you with billing statements as needed.

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